Bauer Selects
Who are we?

The Bauer Selects are THE Elite Training Program for advanced hockey players looking to excel in a professional training environment.  No other program has helped more players earn Division I college scholarships or can boast of more players accepted to the National Team Development Program and USAH’s National Teams in the last few years than the Bauer Selects

Since its founding in 2005, more than fifty (50) Bauer Selects players have received NCAA hockey scholarships.  More than twenty (20) Bauer Selects players have been selected to USA Hockey’s NTDP in Ann Arbor.  And out of only three birth years of Bauer Selects players eligible for the NHL Player Drafts (Bantam & Midgets), a total of sixteen (16) of our players have been NHL-drafted, including three (3) First-Rounders and four (4) Second-Rounders.  

How are players selected?
If you wonder why you have never heard about “tryouts” for the Bauer Selects, the reason is simple: we do not conduct tryouts.  Such tryouts generally serve as mere “fundraisers” anyway.  Rather, we at the Bauer Selects select our athletes based on three criteria: 1) the recommendations of coaches, athletes and hockey professionals who comprise a sort of referral-network; 2) the homework our own National Staff conducts; and 3) our scouting and vetting of prospects who have submitted to us their Player Profiles.  We look at many elite hockey players, of course, but we choose to invite only those whom we believe will represent their teams, clubs, and countries with the class, integrity and character of a true athlete.

Player recommendations are therefore based not only on hockey ability, but also on depth of character, leadership ability, and scholastic efforts.  In the simplest of terms, if you are recommended to us, it is because someone somewhere has seen your son and recognized him as an outstanding athlete and as a good person.

What are our Goals and Objectives?
What the Bauer Selects does is provide these elite players with an opportunity to achieve their own goals and objectives:


  • Identify talented young hockey players and assess their inherent abilities and potential for future development and success.
  • Make contact with the coaches and parents of these players with an eye toward becoming involved in their future development.
  • Work to inform parents and players of the available options for future development, so they can make informed decisions regarding the serious pursuit of the player’s training and opportunities.
  • Incorporate on-ice training to identify players’ strengths and weaknesses with the goal of enhancing his skills development and remedying any deficiencies.  
  • Enhance early preparation of skills and abilities that will be needed for a higher level of competition for more years in the future.
  • Identify and work on deficiencies in skill factors that can be determined through interaction with Bauer Selects national staff coaches.
  • Identify deficiencies in training and health/nutrition that can be remedied by education and, if necessary, expert intervention.
  • Make sure these deficiencies are discussed with both the athlete and the parent for remedial work.
  • Enhance the flow of information and educational opportunities to players and their parents in an effort to help improve the athlete's training.
  • Assist the player and family in the development of these young athletes through enhanced access to the best authorities available, in addition to other training and performance opportunities.
  • Serve as a "fast track" for talented hockey players from the early years of training so they are prepared to advance through the junior/college/pro and international levels.
  • Provide a truly unique elite program for all players.

The Bauer Selects Program is committed to work with and showcase the future elite hockey players and no other spring/summer organization provides the foundation we do for elite athlete development.  In addition, at the Bauer Selects the parents are invited to be as involved as possible, as we encourage them to attend the Team Training & Competition Weekends on College Sites to follow their son through each activity within our program.

Last Word…

The Bauer Selects is not a random process and we work hard on identifying the players we invite to participate.  If you would like your son to be considered for acceptance into the Bauer Selects, please fill out the Player Profile no later then January 13th, 2013.  Notification will be provided to the player via an email letter addressed to the parents.

Thank you for your interest in the Bauer Selects!, LLC

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