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Welcome to a new exciting spring/summer season with the 2016 Bauer Selects. The Bauer Selects program has put itself in a position to be the top choice for elite hockey athletes looking to improve their game.

This spring, our program will once again offer a philosophical approach to how we develop and prepare our players.  It’s nonsensical to think we can develop highly skilled players when, from the time they are 7-8 years old, they play in 6-8 spring/summer tournaments but only practice a few times. The goal of the Bauer Selects is to still offer a couple of competitive tournaments (for elite players to come together from different teams) but supplement this with a better training-to-game ratio and more demanding and consistent competition at all our events. The forthcoming outline will emphasize training, testing and competition and make this a true priority over 6-8 spring tournaments, more games, and more spending. We are thrilled that we have the opportunity to see a spring/summer program instituted in the US that actually mandates development as it lynchpin.

The 2016 Bauer Selects program is the culmination of a project designed to provide players 8-16 years of age with a multifaceted approach to developing their potential. Each player receives crucial individual instruction while learning to use his abilities for the best advantage of his team. Staff members of the Bauer Selects organization are committed to readying players for the stair steps to success that occur at each level of organized hockey. Coaches of the Bauer Selects have rich backgrounds in the game. All have been coaches or players at the highest levels and all have multiple years of experience developing girl hockey players and moving them on to NCAA D1 and D3.  Such diversity in backgrounds assures that players for the Bauer Selects receive not only excellent instruction but also benefit from a network of contacts as they move from 12U, 14U, 16U,19U and into the college arena.  At the heart of the Bauer Selects philosophy is the belief that every player can, with proper guidance and leadership, meet her goals. 

The Bauer Selects will focus on these main principles: 

  • Planning:  We will actually set a spring/summer development plan in place that prioritizes training and competition.  It will be up to you to find the correct in-season coach/program that has the right mentality to carry over this challenge of development. In today’s game too many coaches put winning over development which ultimately hurts the athletes Long Term Development.
  • Practice: From the onset training and teaching will be prioritized for the Bauer Selects this year. Simply put our staff will develop skills and not be focused simply on games and their outcomes in spring tournaments.
  • Patience: Under most club organizations (where players have been improperly labeled as has-beens by the time they were 14, or never-would-be’s by the time they were 9), those kids would never have had a chance. Our goal will be set up for long-term development of elite hockey players with an understanding that each player is unique and can develop at her own rate. We will have a system that is based on education, and a methodical approach with plenty of patience.
  • Progression: Everything taught will follow ordered progressions based on building a foundation. There’s an old saying, “Work smart, not hard”. We know it’s self-defeating to work hard in a system that doesn’t work, but when you work hard in a system that creates measured and noticeable results the desire to work hard becomes infectious and success becomes guaranteed. We will set up new testing standards to start this process in all training programs.
  • Parent Participation:  We will increase our parent’s knowledge on a development plan so everyone is on the same page. We will disseminate information and have classroom instruction for the parents on strength and conditioning, sport medicine, sport psychology, and nutrition. All of these sport sciences play a large part in the development of a successful hockey player.

When it comes to competition, variety is important for individual and team growth. We have some of the best players in the world that call Bauer home, and they provide an environment that is inspirational and motivating.  We will only select players and families who carry with them the level of energy and commitment to the vision outlined above. Any audience that does not get the importance of enforcing the five (5) principles above will not get the program no matter the presentation.  If chosen, you have the option of coming for a weekend, multiple weekends, or the entire program.  We have found that the longer a student-athlete stays and builds upon what they learn, the more improvement they find. 

We hope that all members of our hockey family, or prospective families interested in our programs will take the time to contact past players/parents and see what separates the Bauer Selects and distinguishes us as a top tier program. Please feel free to contact Gino Cavallini () with any questions. Not only do we take pride in the high quality of our hockey programs, we believe in offering the very best customer service available to all families! 

2016 Programs

  • Team Training, Competition & Sport Testing @ College Sites (The University of Notre Dame/South Bend and The University of Wisconsin/Madison)    DETAILS
  • Tournament Team Participation in the Chi Town Shuffle.    DETAILS
Age Levels

Apr 22-24
Tournament - Chi Town Shuffle
02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
April 29 - May 1
College - Notre Dame
00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
June 17-19
College - Wisconsin Madison
00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, LLC

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